Inclement Weather Information

In the case of inclement weather, Youth Programs may change it's hours of operation. 

  • When it is announced that City of Newport News City Offices are closed, Youth Programs will be closed as well.  
  • If Newport News Public Schools are closed and the City of Newport News Offices remain open, Youth Programs will operate 8:00 AM-5:30 PM at the Brittingham Midtown Community Center (or until city offices close).  
  • Please note that if there is a delay during the school year, Youth Programs operates on the same delay, i.e for a one hour delay, Youth Programs will open it's centers at 7:00 AM.   
  • If Newport News Public Schools release early due to inclement weather, Youth Programs will run from the time school releases till 5:00 PM.  
  • Don't forget to pack a lunch as well as morning & afternoon snack. 

For more information or clarification of operations during a storm or inclement weather, check with, or check your center's voicemail for general announcements.