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Glowing Parent Testimonies

It is a happy talent to know how to play.

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

"My son attended the before and after school program with Ms. Kelly at Hilton and we Love the program. The staff does a very good job there!" 
- (Mr. Macaluso, July 2, 2015)   

 "I really love the summer and before and after school program. My son and I trust the women and men at the Epes program. Trust is a very big thing. We get that warm and fuzzy feeling at the program. I will continue to recommend Youth Programs to people." 
- (Ms. Burrell, July 20, 2015)   

 A single mother of two boys who attend the Doris Miller Afterschool Homework Club commented that: 
it was a great support to her to have a safe place for her children to go where they were greeted by caring people, would get help with their homework, and could play with their friends.  She said without the program, her boys would be at home playing video games or playing in the front yard by themselves. 
- (single mother of two boys, November 13, 2015)

"I wanted to give recognition to Mr. John which is a worker at your Kiln Creek program location. I apologize for not knowing his last name. He is a wonderful asset to your program! He is a big part of why I sign my son up throughout the year for after school and summer camp. Brandon loves Mr. John because he is so great with him and the other kids. He will be missed greatly with my son's move to middle school. He is very polite, considerate of parents time, and genuinely pleasant in every interaction. I just really wanted you to know how much he has been appreciated over the years! If you can please pass this on for me! Thank you so much for your wonderful school program!"
- (Lynette Joyner, January 13, 2016) 


"Michael, I am a parent of a student that is enrolled in the before and after care program at Saunders. The staff there are doing such a wonderful job trying to develop our youth. On Friday may 27th, the staff organized an anti-bullying program for the kids. This was an awesome experience for our children and us. The lesson on bullying is one that they won't forget. Not only did they learn that lesson they also were involved in a confidence building experience. Ms krys has the students to stand and recite a poem. This required some investigation on the part of the staff which was fantastic!! It also allowed the kids to be creative. The refreshments were great. Again job well done by your Saunders staff!! Along with ms krys there were Karen, Anitra and Darnise. They made this event a success and I was proud to see our kids enjoy themselves and feel a sense of accomplishment when it was over. Thank you for allowing them to give back to our children. Another thing is the staff there go above and beyond to keep a positive environment for our kids. The bulletin boards are always decorated nice and krys goes out of her way to encourage our kids!! Love it!!! Thank you all so much!!"
-(Judy Tyler, June 1, 2016)

"Ms. A and Mr. John are two outstanding individuals that have helped nurture and care for my son. I love that he has blossomed into a fun, happy young man and I attribute much of his scholastic success to the positive influence this program has over the kids. Thank you again for giving this Mom a safe place to let her son grow, learn and play."
 -(Jenny Wilson, October, 29, 2016)

"Your front office staff is always curtious and helpful.  I origianlly had reservations about the program, but the front office staff made things very easy for me.  My child attends Kiln Creek for summer camp and the staff their are great as well."
-(Mrs. Jackson, August, 4, 2017)