About Newport News Youth Programs

Our Mission: Providing opportunities for building social character, promoting healthy lifestyles, and developing creative thinking through recreation and leisure activities.

Our Vision: To become the premier destination for out-of-school time care.

Youth Programs is the ideal place for children to develop socially.  It is a caring, compassionate environment that fosters ‘teachable moments’ where children learn how to interact in a group setting.  We like to call it a 1:10 scale of society!

 In Youth Programs, children don’t just play; they learn important life lessons as they create, play house, or get involved in a group game.  By interacting with other children their minds are stimulated creatively while partaking in responsible behavior such as sharing and playing fair. Not only that, but children explore their needs, talents and abilities in stations with activities in music, reading, home living, community exploration, science, art, and drama. We are passionately committed to a child’s enjoyment of their Youth Programs experience at their school.

The experience that the kids receive in the program is one of the finest in the City.  The world is radically changing at such a rapid clip and our kids are constantly being inundated with visual stimuli that is often not age appropriate for them.  Therefore, Youth Programs fills the necessary gap between home and school and while providing a safe, nurturing, and caring atmosphere.

Youth Programs has done the research and have found that children left to their own devices after school have a much greater chance of becoming involved in nefarious activities.  Of these children, more than 30% of them grow up to continue in a life of crime.  Youth Programs wants to reduce this trend.  We strive to produce a quality level program at all of our sites so that we can continue reaching the youth of Newport News in the hopes that they will grow up to be responsible citizens.  By reaching them early, we believe that we can do this. 

Our vision is to become the premier destination for out-of-school time experiences.  But, more than that, we want to make a child’s out-of-school time an impacting experience so that they can take the lessons and skills learned and apply them to a healthy, balanced life that will carry them through to college and beyond. 

Youth Programs strives to reach all segments of the population.  Currently, we serve children from low-income homes through to upper middle class families with disposable incomes.  Sixty-three of our children receive assistance from the Department of Social Services.  Moving forward for all is a motto we strive to achieve on a daily basis.

And we take the ‘for all’ seriously.  Youth Programs encourages everyone to participate and enjoy all programs and facilities.  We feel it is imperative to ensure that the City’s organizational values of commitment, caring, and collaboration are evident at all times.  This is especially true as we provide inclusive leisure activities to our citizens.  We are committed to providing accessible programs and facilities because we care about improving the quality of life of our citizens.

We encourage participants with disabilities to register for any recreation program currently offered.  We will make reasonable accommodations, in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, to enable participants with disabilities to participate in and enjoy recreation programs.  Those accommodations will be determined through an individualized therapeutic assessment (see above) of abilities and strengths to ensure the dignity and respect of each individual is preserved.


For more information on the department please visit www.nnparks.com.