Some quick frequently answered questions (FAQ’s): 

Q: What are the hours of Youth Programs? A: Unless otherwise listed the morning hours run from 6:00AM until the start of school, while the afternoon is from the close of school until 6:30PM. 

Q: What are the options for my child?
 A: You can choose AM only, PM only, or AM + PM. With the KIDS Program there is also a full day option.

Q: What schools does Youth Programs operate in? A: (Please note that schools listed AM are the drop off location, while PM is the afternoon/pick up location. Schools listed PM only have only afternoon hours. If there is nothing listed, these sites are AM + PM. All sites subject to change.) BC Charles, Deer Park, Discovery STEM Academy, Greenwood, Hilton, Jenkins (PM Only), Kiln Creek, Nelson(AM)/Epes(PM), OLMC (PM Only), Palmer, Richneck(AM)/McIntosh(PM), Riverside(AM)/Hidenwood(PM), Sanford, Saunders, Yates.

Q: Is there a Middle School program? A: Yes; middle school programs are at the Brittingham-Midtown Community Center (BMCC) and Denbigh Community Center (DCC). The BMCC site operates on the same schedule as the K through 5th grade programs; while DCC is PM only (school close until 6:30PM).

Q: Is there an Early Childhood program
? A: Yes, there is an Early Childhood Program (ages 3—5) at the Brittingham-Midtown Community Center, the Denbigh Community Center and the Denbigh Early Childhood Center. These programs operate on the same schedule as the other programs. That is, they run before school, after school, but there is also a full day option at BMCC and DCC.  

Q: How do I register? A:  To register for the school year, please visit you will be navigated to the online registration form for you to complete.

Q: Is a parent information handbook available? A: Yes there is!  Please click on the "Before & After School Program" tab on the left. The parent handbook will be located under "Parent Handbooks".

Q: How much does the program cost? A: That depends on the option that you choose. Youth Programs has AM only (6:00-school starts), PM only (school close till 6:30), AM and PM, and Full Day (KIDS) programs with prices starting at $45/week.

The cost structure per week is:

KIDS Program (Brittingham—Midtown Community Center and Denbigh Early Childhood Center):

  • Before School — $45
  • After School — $59
  • AM and PM — $79
  • Full Day (3—4 Year Olds) — $95

Elementary Schools:

  • Before School — $45
  • After School — $59
  • AM and PM — $79

Q: Are there registration fees? A: Yes, they are $40/child and $80/family. 

Q: Is the program on Facebook or Twitter? Yes. "LIKE" us on Facebook @ Newport News. Follow us on Twitter @     

Q: What can you expect? A: When you walk into one of our centers you should see clearly delineated areas of play with talented and capable instructors helping the children have the best experience that they can. Our goal is not only your child’s satisfaction but yours as well. At the end of the day, when you pick up your child, a waiting smile should tell that you chose us for all the right reasons.

Vision: To become the premier destination for out-of-school time experiences.

Mission: Providing opportunities for building social character, promoting healthy lifestyles, and developing creative thinking through recreation and leisure activities.

Let’s have a great year together!